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Never Miss a Contact Again

INSTANT Digital Interactive & SMS Marketing Alternative

Internet direct to Contacts at Request or Call


  • TWO PRODUCTS - Call Broadcast and Content@Request

  • IMMEDIATE Response to Information Requests, Inbound Calls

  • ALPHABETIC Tags Replace Meaningless Numbers

  • HASSLE FREE Setup and Management Without Fees

  • SOLID LEAD Followup

  • 25% WEALTH SHARING for Affiliates - Starting @ approx. $250/sale

  • MORE Capabilities Over Text - HTML, Files, Video, Music

Home: Homepage_about lets you ENGAGE customers at contact, distribute information, reach masses, save time/money on brochures, send music/recording, files, text, coupons, weekly promotions, video internet content directly to email inboxes and cell phones whenever a customer calls, emails or texts ensures contacts are informed/compensated for lost time AND THEN LETS YOU CONTACT THEM BACK

Interact and Engage

As customers request information, your contact list grows.  Use to build your email and phone contact list.  Convert prospects.  Keep them engaged and they are yours forever. 

They contact with interest... You engage. 

You can't miss this target!

Industry and Sizing

Regardless of your size and your industry, customers need information and want it when they want it.  Prospects and customers receive immediate response/compensation/information

...from the independent contractor to the largest teams reaching individuals or masses. delivers immediate response

Get In Touch
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eMail Content@Request
The Norm
2000 Sends/Month or 24,000 Annually
The Heavy
4000 Sends/Month or 48,000 Annually
The Ultra-Heavy
6000 Sends/Month or 72,000 Annually




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